ITVX Kids Autumn Highlights

Published Thu 07 Sep 2023

Coop Troop logo and image

ITVX Kids, the dedicated destination for younger viewers that launched on the UK’s freshest streaming service in July, has seen children’s content streamed 5.7 million times since launch. This was a +120% increase on the same dates last year. After supercharging its kids offering for the summer holidays, there’s plenty more to come on ITVX Kids as October half term approaches and beyond. Highlights include - 

21st September 

Builder Brothers, features 10 year old twins Drew and Jonathan, whose extraordinary imagination, creativity and heart help solace problems in their neighbourhood by dreaming big. 

5th October 

LEGO Friends: The Next Chapter: New Beginnings is a 45 minute special where the Welcome to School Festival is fast approaching, and Aliya and her friends must set aside their own desires and work together to make the event a success.

19th October 

Coop Troop (ITVX Exclusive)  is a brand new series streaming just in time for half term. Funny, farcical and feathery, it features the entertaining exploits of a gang of five unlikely heroes, hyperactive rabbit Maggie, eccentric inventor Flo the chicken, bon vivant swine Clive, excitable lamb Billy and enigmatic egg, Jo d’Oeuf. Thirsty for adventure to escape their mundane farm life, The Coop Troop’s mission is to help any animal with a problem – and they’re kept very busy by the precious, pampered pets of neighbouring town, Animauville.

Minibods will introduce kids to the fantastical Land of Odd, home to the Minibods. Join six furry little friends as they get up to hilarious mayhem, turning everyday situations into unexpected, super silly events. Whatever life throws their way, the Minibods overcome hurdles the unconventional way, to better understand themselves and the world around them! 

2nd November 

In Agent 203  Zoe Stranek discovers that her dad didn’t work at Starbucks, but used to be an intergalactic agent, protecting our planet against Alien invasions.  So when Ulav, her dad’s old partner and weird comedic alien, tells her this, she decides to step into her father's footsteps. 

The new series of LEGO Friends ‘New Beginnings’ will see Aliya, Autumn, Leo, Zac, Nova, Paisley, Olly, and Liann navigate their first year of high school while becoming friends. During that first year, the teens rally to save a dilapidated building and convert it into a community centre.

16th November 

Additional episodes of Gamers 2037 see  Kite, Galahad and Zeo  work together to beat a malevolent Virtual And Augmented Reality Game known as the VAARG. 

Teletubbies Let’s Go will bring iconic characters; Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa and Po, to the next generation of children. Expect brand new surprises alongside the return of beloved cast members; The Tiddlytubbies , The NooNoo , Tiddly Noo, Sun Baby, Voice Trumpets and the Narrator.

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