Count Abdulla

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Week 24 2023 : Sat 10 Jun - Fri 16 Jun

Wed 31 May 2023

Count Abdulla

Full series drop on ITVX on Thursday 15 June

Count Abdulla follows Abdulla Khan (Arian Nik) - a mid-twenties British Muslim doctor stuck in an identity crisis, caught between his religious mother Bushra (Nina Wadia) and his secular, hedonistic friends. But when Abdulla is bitten by a vampire (Jaime Winstone) he suddenly becomes the outsider’s outsider. 

This new 6x30 comedy series is written by Kaamil Shah and directed by Asim Abbasi (Churails). Count Abdulla is a Fudge Park production, produced by Hussain Casey Ahmed (Afterlife), with executive producer Phil Gilbert (White Gold).

Episode 1

Something sinister is going on around the edges of Hounslow’s Muslim community.  For junior doctor Abdulla Khan, this time of year is complicated. Torn between the Halloween party of the year - hosted by his crush, Amrita - and the Eid gathering his dear mother Bushra expects him to attend, Abdulla does his best to get to both. On top of upsetting his mum, the party isn’t what Abdulla had hoped for as he is introduced to Amrita’s lovely but irritatingly enthusiastic South African boyfriend Franck. But a chance encounter with a shadowy figure at the bus stop on his way home gives a more supernatural end to this most unusual of nights.

Episode 2

Something’s not right. Abdulla feels out of it, he’s developed inexplicable allergies and is having insatiable cravings at work. What’s happening to him? Elsewhere his mysterious bus stop assailant, Kathy is looking for him - worried that she may have passed something on that could spread around the community. After coming face to face with a stray piece of garlic naan, it’s starting to become clearer what ails the Muslim junior doctor. But when a religious ceremony goes wrong, our hero is left with little time before Kathy catches up with him. Perhaps cousin and wannabe Shafi might save the day?

Episode 3

In a double attempt to quash some of his friends’ conspiracies around his dating life and to get some answers out of Kathy, Abdulla promises to bring her along to a dinner party at Amrita’s, his unrequited love. After some rather uncomfortable dinner talk, what unfolds leaves him even more concerned for his well being than he was before, whilst his friends are simply disgusted. Kathy flees and he follows her to her flat desperate for some solutions, unbeknownst to him tailed by Shafi and his gang who have their own theories about what’s going on with Abdulla, and aren’t about to let him get up to any ‘haram’ in the meantime...

Episode 4

Abdulla, desperate for some answers and unfaltering in his desire to find a cure to his vampirism, agrees to go on a date with Kathy at her favourite haunt. Although on getting there, he can’t shake the feeling that he is being watched…  by the coven, and by Shafi, who turns up with his beautiful fiancée Nahima to intervene. Meanwhile to set Abdulla straight, Bushra and Shafi arrange for a marriage counsellor to see Abs - but the man that turns up is not who they expect him to be. After the ‘double date’ turns sour, Abdulla is forced to take protective action which sees the hitherto receptive Kathy return to her terrifying former self. On the run, Abdulla drops down at Amrita’s door, only to find that her relationship status might be a little different to what he expected...

Episode 5

Gate-crashing Amrita’s sister Preethi’s hen night, Abdulla is introduced as Amrita’s new boyfriend and Preethi is beyond excited to welcome him to the family. So much so that she invites, in fact insists, that he comes to the wedding. Franck is less than pleased that he isn’t on the list, but he is determined to make an appearance too, in a bid to woo the family. Meanwhile Kathy, on notice from the coven to do away with her Abdulla problem, seeks out an old friend, yoga-loving Hindu vampire Rishi. When Abdulla realises what Franck is planning, he makes a mad dash to the wedding to try and intercept him before it’s too late. Little does he know that Shafi’s also turned up to sabotage what he thinks are Abdulla’s nuptials, and everything goes haywire at a wedding.

Episode 6

Abdulla’s terrified of the consequences of his identity being revealed as he escapes with Amrita from the wedding. But as they come clean about their feelings for one another, she offers a potential route out. Meanwhile, both Shafi and the coven hatch their own plans to stop Abdulla’s escape, whilst Bushra deals with the potential of losing her one and only son. Meanwhile, Rishi questions Kathy’s morals. Will it all be resolved in a final showdown at the airport?


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