Kavos Weekender

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Week 06 2023 : Sat 04 Feb - Fri 10 Feb

Tue 31 Jan 2023

Kavos Weekender

Series overview

Weekender is back and this season our reps are in the Greek party capital, Kavos, to give their guests a weekend to remember! Head rep David Potts, aka ‘El Jefe’, returns and he’s brought with him, his most experienced rep, Tash. David has made her his Deputy, which is just as well, as he has a new team of rookies to train up, ‘David style’. 

New reps, Lucy, Jaegia, Ethan and Joel arrive with bags of energy but it’s not long before they start focusing more on each other than the job. 

With a new hotel, a new location, a new team of reps and a new mantra (The Pursuit Of Excellence, anyone?) has David bitten off more than he can chew? Or will he need to bring in some reinforcements? Expect a heady mix, packed with parties down at the legendary Kavos strip, sizzling summer romances, jaw dropping surprises and the return of one very familiar face.

Episode 6:

David is back to his demanding self and orders his team to turn over a new leaf with immediate effect - Tash's rep romance with Ethan may be flourishing, but her work role isn't, as David revokes her deputy badge and announces that the battle to become his new trusted sidekick has begun. With the new guests settling in, David is keen to lead his team by example as he hosts a raucous toga party - meanwhile, tension mounts back at the hotel between Lucy and Joel, resulting in a disastrous night for both. As news of the drama reaches David, Lucy and Joel are summoned to the staff room for an urgent rep intervention meeting the following day - and miss out on an epic pool party with the others. As the weekend draws to a close, it's clear that the team will do almost anything to get back into David's good books - the bribes come in thick and fast, but the reps can't pull the wool over El Jefe's eyes... or can they?






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