Next Level Chef

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Week 04 2023 : Sat 21 Jan - Fri 27 Jan

Wed 11 Jan 2023

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Next Level Chef

Episode 3

Next Level Chef continues!

Tonight the remaining 10 chefs must create the perfect burger and chips – it’s the definition of fast food!

And things get harder for the chefs, as they have even less time to cook this week.     

The spectacular three-story kitchen skyscraper plays home to all the culinary tension, with Gordon, Paul and Nyesha all desperate to not lose a chef from their team. It’s epic on every level!

Whoever wins best dish of the night will keep their whole team safe, with the other two teams both in danger of losing a chef in the Cook Off.

None of the chefs want to be cooking in the basement next week, so they’ll all be desperate to create the most bangin’ burger!

Who will take one step closer to that amazing prize of £100,000 and a year-long mentorship from Gordon, Paul and Nyesha to help make their culinary dreams a reality?

And who will eventually become the Next Level Chef?

Series overview

Next Level Chef, the world’s toughest cooking competition is here!

Gordon Ramsay fronts this brand new series, which sees 12 aspiring chefs face a cooking competition like no other, because it all takes place in an epic 50ft-tall three-story kitchen.

For the first time ever incredible home cooks will compete against professional chefs, and social media chefs. Every week they’ll all have only seconds to grab ingredients to cook with, and then only minutes to create an outstanding dish, before a nail-biting finish to even get their dish tasted by the Mentors.

The outrageous three-story kitchen ranges from the luxurious top flight kitchen, all the way down to the very basic basement kitchen – meaning the chefs must prove they can make magic even in the worst circumstances.

Gordon Ramsay is joined by two other superstars from the culinary world, Paul Ainsworth and Nyesha Arrington, as all three of them mentor a team of talented chefs, in a bid to find Britain’s next level chef.

Only one will win the £100,000 prize which also comes with an unrivalled year-long Mentorship from Gordon, Paul and Nyesha to help make their culinary dreams a reality - but who will climb their way to the top?   


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