Bradley & Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad

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Series 5: Latin America
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9:00pm ~ 9:30pm

Week 03 2023 : Sat 14 Jan - Fri 20 Jan

Wed 04 Jan 2023

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Bradley & Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad

Bradley and Barney Walsh are back on the road for another epic road trip. This time they’re in for a real culture shock as they head further afield to Latin America. 

Episode 3:

The Walsh’s have reached Guatemala, where they pick up their new mode of transport, which quickly becomes a nightmare for Bradley to drive.

The boys travel into the jungle, where they take on a terrifying rappel over the edge of a cliff, into a waterfall.

They meet a quirky Shaman who believes in the healing powers of chocolate, and then head off for a lovely bike ride, but what Barney forgot to mention to his dad is that this ride is on tight rope, 25 metres up in the air.  


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