Sitting On A Fortune

Sitting On A Fortune

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Week 23 2023 : Sat 03 Jun - Fri 09 Jun

Wed 24 May 2023

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Sitting On A Fortune

Series overview

Gary Lineker hosts Sitting On A Fortune, the thrilling quiz show that can see contestants win tens of thousands of pounds by answering a single question.

All they have to do is stay in the money chair until the end of the show to try and scoop the jackpot.

Episode 2

Gary Lineker hosts the quiz show that has contestants lining up for the chance to stay in the money chair until the end of the show to try to take the jackpot.

Stuart, Kate, Jaimi, Mark, Durelle and Amun all step up to play for a massive £100,000 prize - correct answers keep players in the money chair, but a wrong answer means they move to the back of the line and risk going home with nothing.

Everything could change from one question to the next as tensions run high and the contestants to stay in the money chair - who has what it takes to hold on to the top spot and play for that massive prize?




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