The Dry

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Week 12 2023 : Sat 18 Mar - Fri 24 Mar

Mon 20 Mar 2023

The Dry

[Full series drop on ITVX on Thursday 23 March]

Series overview

Starring Roisin Gallagher, Ciarán Hinds, Pom Boyd, Siobhán Cullen, Moe Dunford and newcomer Adam Richardson, The Dry celebrates the joyful chaos and dark absurdities of family life in a series that is all about recovery.

When Shiv Sheridan (Gallagher) returns to Dublin after years of partying in London, she is sober and full of good intentions - but being back with her family makes staying on ‘the dry’ much harder than she expected.  As Shiv tries to navigate this new phase of her life, so must her family...and they all have issues they don’t want to face. 

From the producers of Normal People, this moving comedy-drama is an irreverent, sharp and funny depiction of a family in various forms of denial. The story centres on 35-year-old Shiv, the eldest daughter, as she returns to Ireland for her grandmother’s wake, taking a break from London and her ‘career’ (with a small ‘c’) in art. Shiv is six months sober, and it is fair to say her life is not going as planned. Shiv’s family – who have never really dealt with or talked about the damage caused by the sudden death of her adored elder brother, not to mention her parents’ failing marriage or Shiv’s own chaotic behaviour – are wary of having her back. To make matters worse there’s also her charmer of an ex-boyfriend Jack, who has the uncanny knack of always appearing when she’s at her most vulnerable. His charming presence reminds Shiv of the excitement and thrill of excess from her youth – to call him a trigger would be an understatement. Can Shiv come to terms with her true addiction and the realities of her life, amid a dysfunctional yet loveable family who are each individually facing their own demons?


Episode 1: 

When Shiv Sheridan lands home in Dublin for her grandmother’s funeral, she finds the family are busy preparing for the wake. Sister Caroline is in organised mode, doling out tasks to everyone. As people arrive, the topic of conversation centres on Shiv and her new sobriety. Shiv and her brother Ant take refuge in the kitchen making sandwiches. The wake progresses to a boozy session. Outside Shiv meets her ex, Jack. The two share a fag and as he leaves, he kisses her. As the party winds down Shiv helps her mother to bed and finally summons up the courage to ask to stay.

Episode 2: 

Shiv’s morning yoga routine is unexpectedly interrupted. Afterwards she and her mum Bernie clash over her job prospects; it’s been a week since she got home and Bernie doesn’t seem sure of how long Shiv will be staying. Shiv’s first priority is finding a home recovery meeting, after which she can get a job. She visits one ideal meeting, but stumbles upon an old teacher there who sends her marching. Next, she attends a grittier inner-city meeting where she meets Karen, who offers her some home truths. Shiv’s planned family meal is a disaster with everyone turning up late.

Episode 3: 

Shiv bonds with her new sponsor Karen, who encourages her to do a ‘moral inventory’. Afterwards she is horrified when she happens upon her dad and his acupuncturist in the throes of passion in a city alleyway.  Bernie becomes increasingly worried about her missing neighbour Pam.  Ant dons a suit and interviews at an estate-agent’s, where he nabs the job thanks to some old-fashioned nepotism. Caroline agrees to go for a drink with a senior consultant at her hospital. Appalled at her dad, Shiv calls a ‘family meeting’ for the following day. Shiv’s ex, Jack, helps her get a job at an art gallery.

Episode 4:

Shiv’s ‘family meeting’ is a car crash culminating in the news that her parents are in an open relationship. Bernie continues to worry about missing neighbour Pam. In private Bernie and Tom discuss Mina and he agrees to end things with her. Shiv starts at the gallery where it transpires her new boss Kristen is pregnant with Jack’s baby. Ant sees Max at a property viewing and they sleep together. Caroline meets the consultant for a drink and the two have a rushed encounter in her car. Tom tells Bernie it’s over between the two of them.

Episode 5:

Unable to sleep, Shiv spots Caroline parked outside the family home in the middle of the night. After her fling with the consultant, Caroline can’t go home and ends up staying up and talking with Shiv. The following morning, Ant bursts in with the news that their dad is leaving. The kids rush to Bernie for support, but she seems more preoccupied with her missing neighbour Pam. Ant makes an upsetting discovery, when he confronts Shiv about it, she turns to Jack for support and in a moment of weakness ends up sleeping with him.

Episode 6: 

Shiv wakes in Jack’s studio, they chat over coffee about the night before when suddenly Shiv realises that she’s supposed to open the gallery. Newly engaged Caroline and Rory discuss their sex life (or lack of it) and agree to open up their relationship. When Karen comes to the gallery Shiv expects a reproach for bailing on the meeting the previous evening but instead Karen apologises for putting too much pressure on Shiv. Bernie’s neighbour Simon warns her to mind her own business. Ant and his dad patch things up, and Tom ends up moving into the garden flat with him.

Episode 7:

Jack and Shiv are in bed at a hotel when he gets a call from Caroline to say that Kristen is in hospital.  Shiv comes home to find two policemen talking to her mother Bernie, who has called about her neighbour Simon, who she believes has tried to poison her. Tom and Ant adjust to the garden flat and on a whim, Tom calls Max on Ant’s behalf and sets up a date. Caroline confronts Shiv about her and Jack’s dysfunctional relationship. Shiv overhears Bernie giving out about her to Tom and pours herself a glass of wine. 

Episode 8:

Shiv leaves for London on the day of Caroline’s engagement party, to the collective relief of the other Sheridans. On her way to the airport, she visits her older brother Carl’s grave and stops in at Karen’s bridal shop eventually finding herself in a pub. Shiv starts her ‘moral inventory’ and in a drunken moment of clarity realises she can’t miss the engagement. She arrives at the party like a whirlwind, sweeping up drinks and ends up giving an impromptu speech much to the rest of the family’s horror.



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